Dating other introverts

' My ideal day is reading in the garden, having a coffee and going on a run. But then I will get depressed after too long doing that.' But while the introvert may need a bit of persuading to go out, and vice versa, the couples I spoke to all had examples of when they had found a really great balance.27-year old Sarah and 28-year old Tom have been together for thirteen years, so, they’ve had a lot of time to get it right.' So actually, what seems like a compromise can really just be mutually beneficial over time.

I think it was partially a shy thing, but he also was a bit introverted and didn’t fancy going, but didn’t know how to say that.' Luckily Tasha persevered, but as we all know when you first meet someone you’d probably put lack of communication down as lack of interest - especially if, like a lot of the couples I spoke to, the introvert isn’t obviously an introvert.From the early days of dating to being thirteen years in, here’s what three couples told me about making it work…Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems the most likely time for an extrovert-introvert relationship to fail is right at the beginning.' The dynamic between us means that teamwork is crucial.We have learnt that no one is ever right or wrong in a situation, it all comes down to understanding why one is feeling how they feel and how to deal with the introvert or extrovert traits.' Whichever way you slice it with these couples, an extrovert-introvert match seems to be the dream relationship formula.

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