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Supplement 2, Series 7: Hospitals | Supplement 3, Series 7: Hospitals | Supplement 4, Series 7: Hospitals | Photographs, Series 7: Hospitals Material in this series consists of title abstracts to various plots of land.Researchers interested in this topic should also see Box 45, a computer print-out of .This resource, produced by the Illinois State Archives, lists the name of its first owner, residence at time of purchase, date, price, legal description, and volume/page for the original recorded deed for each portion of acreage in Cook County.The originals are located in the Illinois State Archives in Springfield, Illinois.The contents of the Initial Accession are described below.Supplements 1-4 are described separately, preceding their Container Lists.To facilitate research, all photographs, regardless of accession, are listed together.A complete list of photographs can be found in the photograph finding guide.

Supplement 1, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 2, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 3, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 4, Series 2: Business Establishments | Photographs, Series 2: Business Establishments This series includes a map of the famous graves at Graceland Cemetery on Chicago’s North Side.Researchers should be aware that the arrangement of these materials is by Township, Range, and Section Number. Material in this series relates to libraries in Chicago, public and private.Supplement 2, Series 9: Libraries | Supplement 3, Series 9: Libraries | Photographs, Series 9: Libraries Material in this series does not fit neatly into other series as defined.Materials are arranged alphabetically by the name of author, when known, or otherwise by title or event.Supplement 1, Series 6: Historical Events and Sketches | Supplement 2, Series 6: Historical Events and Sketches | Supplement 3, Series 6: Historical Events and Sketches | Supplement 4, Series 6: Historical Events and Sketches | Photographs, Series 6: Historical Events and Sketches This series include the 18 annual reports for the Chicago Protestant Orphan Asylum.

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