Dating your in laws sibling

His wife, on the other hand, does not pay her parents anything. She feels that they don’t truly need the money, as they live in a home that’s seemingly paid for.

She finds it hard to imagine parents taking money from adult kids, much less expecting to receive it. They don’t appear wealthy, but they don’t appear to truly be struggling either. Her viewpoint is that income that a couple earns is for them to support themselves and their own children.

And they pawned their jewelries back home and my husband is the one who paid for it to get it back.

But what truly drove me furious is how selfish they are even telling my husband nit to get married first so that he would send all his earnings to them. We fought frequently because of his families attitude..

In his view, they are a part of the package and she should understand that. This money that he gives them is in the thousands of dollars annually, from what I understand. Reply Omg @tired I’m in the exact same shoe as you my mother inlaw is a single mum and she’s financially stable, she gets enough from the government to pay all her bills and mortgage and some money on the side plus she works as well so she totally doesn’t need any help, now I’m not against him helping her if she was struggling at all but she’s clearly not as she can afford to get Botox done every 4 months or so !

I did not expect that and to found out about it really made me feel devastated and cheated on.

Her husband doesn’t work either so her entire family is totallt dependent in the money he gave them.

I verbalized that I was not comfortable with this situation because I could see this as habit forming for his family.

That is the problem, he keeps on denying it and doesn’t open his eyes to what his family is doing.

His sister would say they don’t have money to buy food and when he gave them that huge amount they practice the one day millionaire attitude and just wasted the entire money that is still unaccountable how they spent it and still act that they don’t have enough when his sister keeps on posting on olaces she went, on restaurants she ate and so on.

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