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Pmsl @ shagsters, good point though When I took my mum to look for a carpet for her lounge, the salesman asked if we fancied a shag.

I didn't think he had getting his leg over in mind and felt that he was being as respectful as a salesman could be. At this moment in time I very much fancy a sh$g, maybe it's the hot weather?

Where do you think the repect issue comes in exactly ?

It is mostly meant in a humorous way though but things like this are great for the man-hating fraternity to get their cathartic drums out and if that helps heal then it's all good lol We all 'fancy a shag' it's just we all go about different ways with different people to get one :)did get one mail asking if I fanced 'a right good ****ing' which I didn't even bother declining .. I've had the odd one or two that say 'hi, you seem sexy' or 'you're a hunny' I've never asked anyone on here if they fancy a shag although confess to being drunk and asking someone to come and lie down with me ... I'm afraid "do you fancy a shag" probably has a better success rate per try than more subtle approaches...There's no need for it, certainly no need to be offensive.I don't know why this was asked in the first place, it was spoken about enough on another thread.I'm getting a bit bored with your all women are hard done by and all men are cheating, disrespectful wasters who leg it when they become fathers garbage, remember "How many women are bring up kids with no help from the dad"? I thinks its the irresponsible fathers that need to be shamed, not the mothers that are left to carry the can after the broken promises."If you can't pull on here then sort out your profile instead of layering the bottom of it with patronising crap hoping women will see it and think "gee, he's such a sweet guy!"Well my block list is also getting longer due to being asked that question on here and the abuse I got when I declined.

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