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Music can help patients remember tunes or songs and get in touch with their history.

This is because the part of the brain which processes music is located next to memory.

The other group also listened to music and received visualisation classes for 25 minutes every day for three weeks.

Results found that the group who listened to music and used imagery experienced better pain relief than the group who did not.

Here, we present six proven ways that music can help you and your family's health1.

CHRONIC BACK PAINHow it helps: Music works on the autonomic nervous system - the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling our blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function - and also the limbic system - the part of the brain that controls feelings and emotions.

Research is showing it has a variety of health benefits.

It's the weekend and at some point you'll probably relax to your favourite music, watch a film with a catchy title track - or hit the dance floor.

There's no doubt that listening to your favourite music can instantly put you in a good mood.

Fresh research from Austria has found that listening to music can help patients with chronic back pain.

And a recent survey by Mind - the mental health charity - found that after counselling, patients found group therapy such as art and music therapy, the most useful.

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