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So, for example, the Working Time Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998 implements the provisions of the Working Time Directive.

Where domestic legislation has failed to implement obligations under European law such rights may be relied on before the domestic courts.

The rules surrounding when European law may be directly applicable are complex and will not be dealt with in these notes.

The CJEU makes the final decision on the interpretation of EU law.

Some EU laws (eg Regulations) are directly applicable but the majority (eg Directives) need to be enacted by domestic legislation.Common law is still very important for employment law, particularly in relation to contract law and to employment related torts.A tort is a wrongful act causing harm or loss to a person (for example personal injury).Decisions of the Employment Appeal Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland are also not binding but are of persuasive value.A significant amount of employment legislation in Northern Ireland has been passed as a result of our membership of the European Union.

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