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The Labour Commissioner may delegate in writing to any person the exercise of any of his or her powers and the performance of any of his or her duties, either in Lesotho as a whole or in any part of Lesotho, in relation to any matter or thing provided for by the Code.(1) In addition to any other powers conferred by the Code, a labour officer may, for the purpose of ascertaining that the provisions of the Code and any other written law relating to labour, employment, industrial relations, working conditions or workers' compensation are being duly observed at all reasonable times, whether by day or night, and without previous notice(a) the labour officer or other officer shall not enter or inspect a private dwelling-house or any land or building privately occupied in connection therewith, or during the hours of darkness, and shall not without the consent of the occupier thereof enter such land or premises during the hours of daylight;(c) on the occasion of a visit or inspection, the labour officer or other officer shall notify the employer or his or her representative of his or her presence unless the officer has reasonable grounds for believing that such notification may be prejudicial to the performance of his or her duties.(4) Any labour officer and any other officer authorised to exercise powers under this section who contravenes any of the provisions of subsection (3) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of six hundred maloti or to imprisonment for six months or both.(5) Every labour officer or other officer authorised to exercise powers under this section shall be furnished by the Labour Commissioner with a certificate or identity card showing his or her appointment or authority so to act.

The certificate shall be signed by the Labour Commissioner, bear a photograph of the officer concerned and be signed by that officer.

Unless otherwise specified in the Code, it shall also apply to apprentices."advance" includes any payment in money to any person upon the condition that he or she repays or makes good the same by his or her labour or out of the wages to be received by him or her under a contract;"branch of a trade union" means any number of the members of a registered trade union who have, in accordance with the constitution of the registered trade union, appointed their own management committee but who are under the control of the executive committee of such trade union and are bound under the constitution of such trade union to contribute to its general funds;"continuously employed" means employed by the same employer, including the employer's heirs, transferees and successors in interest, for a period that has not been interrupted for more than four weeks in each year of such employment, during which four-week period there was no contract of employment in existence and no intention on the part of the employer to renew it once that period had elapsed.

No break of employment due to illness certified by a registered medical practitioner, sick leave, weekly day of rest, maternity leave, public holiday, paid holiday or other leave granted by the employer shall be deemed to break the continuity of employment;"contract of foreign service" means a contract made within Lesotho to be performed in whole or in part outside Lesotho.

In Lesotho alone, more than 136,000 men have been circumcised through the Rola Katiba programme.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) can reduce the risk of female-male HIV infection by 60 percent.It is a daunting task in a country with the second-highest HIV prevalence rate in the world and where social norms and cultural restraints often prevent men from accessing health services."It's sometimes difficult to talk to the older [male passengers]," Tsitso says.Its removal, reduces the risk of the virus spreading.If a passenger is interested in undertaking VMMC or learning more, Mokale and the other drivers give them a referral ticket to take to a clinic for a free consultation and procedure.

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