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Today, Scientology carries on its sailing tradition with the Freewinds, a private cruise ship which is the only place where wealthy Scientologists can attain the highest step on the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” the auditing level known as “Operating Thetan Eight.” (For a fun look at OT 8’s wacky early history, see our story about a man named George White.) The Freewinds also hosts other expensive week-long seminars for Scientologists, and it is the site of a very special week of festivities known as “Maiden Voyage,” which takes place in June and commemorates the formal launching of the Freewinds as Scientology’s ultimate destination in 1988.

For many years, the Freewinds for the most part plied a set pattern between three Netherlands-aligned Caribbean islands just off the coast of Venezuela: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, also known as the ABC Islands.

One of the reasons why the small armada kept on the move through the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and finally the Caribbean was that it got chased away from numerous ports by governments that eventually figured out what was going on and that the ships were not a floating “school,” as the cover story went.

Finally, with very few ports left, in 1975 Hubbard made plans to come back to land, and surreptitiously began buying up properties in Clearwater while hiding out in Daytona.

If you’re one of our veteran readers, you know about the horror stories of the Freewinds.

Valeska Paris, for example, says she was a virtual prisoner on the ship for some eleven years in a plot to keep her from her mother, who had sued the church.

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From time to time, we hear from a tipster in the Netherlands who works extremely hard to make members of the government there aware of the Church of Scientology and its controversies.

And one thing he focused on in particular was making the Dutch government aware that the Freewinds was using the lax oversight of the ABC Islands to its advantage.

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