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Either version will set you back 9, which is slightly below the high-end premium wireless sport headphones.When it comes to why Fitbit decided to enter the market, they noted that many existing sport headphones either weren’t designed to last very long – usually succumbing to a waterproof related death early (which is true).Today Fitbit launched their first legit smartwatch with 3rd party apps, wireless payments, and music support onboard.That’s all in addition to a revamped optical heart rate sensor, refreshed GPS platform, new coaching services, and a boatload of smaller features and plenty of accessories.

These are designed to be used phone-free with Ionic, having the audio streamed to Bluetooth headphones (again, hence the ‘Fitbit Audio Coaching’ name).

As part of taking that call the Flyer includes noise cancelling via its two microphones, allowing wind reduction to occur similar to what different action cameras are doing today.

The phone speaking portion carries through with the inclusion of various phone digital assistants (e.g. On the listening side, it’s also got passive noise isolation, which will help reduce extra sounds in your environment.

Still, the integration piece is really well done (especially the pairing, as you can see within the video).

Back a few years ago Fitbit acquired a small company – Fitstar, which focused mainly on body-weight workouts (i.e. A bit later they ended up including the Fitstar app within the Fitbit Blaze…of which about 6 people used it.

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