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Touchline: Again Again Units 3-6, Ba Ueygate Industrial Estate, Ponte- fract. Amiga owners, or owners of the new 1581 drive for Commodore's eight bit machines, will be pleased to note that the 3.5 disk box has a special offer at the moment. With each box sold, Compumart will supply two free disks which amounts to almost a 50% reduction in the £11. Each player has to win a place on their laser powered space- craft by answering a Trivial Persuit question correctly.

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Reformatting and repagination after editing are automatic and very rapid. And see how Word Perfect delivers today what others are still searching for. Leicester LE1 4FP Tel: (0533) 517479/21874 Fax: (0533) 511638 Item Quantity Price Total Name Address. Bob Hay of FAST is now in possession of suspect software with a street value estimated at £100.000. Bob said, "Piracy in Scotland has been of concern for some time but with some very good information and assistance from Electronic Arts, the Strathclyde police carried through a very thorough investiagation.

As the search goes on, the spies will occasionally meet and battle to the death and the first one home with all four films is the winner.

Domark appear to have decided to squeeze as much as they can from their Trivia] Persuit licence.

The result is a shared game which will feature both companies logos. Normal service will be resumed by the time the December issue hits the street and the Three Stooges will be there.

The second apology relates to the Giana Sisters review.

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